NVIDIA Has Designed a Compact AI Computer to Drive Fully Autonomous Vehicles

NVIDIA Has Designed a Compact AI Computer to Drive Fully Autonomous Vehicles

The Santa Clara, Calif. -based semiconductor maker said that more than 25 customers are already developing a new class of autonomous cars, taxis and delivery trucks using its new processor Drive PX Pegasus. The company goes as far as saying vehicles built around Pegasus' technology could eschew steering wheels, pedals, or mirrors, thereby offering increased flexibility to automotive designers. It'll be able to drive around and wait on the other side of a block of flats so a driver can simply keep walking forward and through a building without having to return back to the vehicle. According to NVIDIA, the tech could replace an "entire trunk" of current-gen autonomous driving tech.

Most importantly, Nvidia says this platform is fully capable of supporting Level 5 autonomous vehicles, which operate entirely autonomously, independent of human control. Whether the company's claims about it being capable of Level 5 Autonomy are accurate will probably not be answered anytime soon, but one thing is certain - the board has more (DL TOPs) computing horsepower than many server racks of previous year. The idea is to make vehicular travel a more relaxing and stress-free experience, as passengers are coddled in interiors that would more closely resemble your living room as opposed to a typical vehicle.

"Driverless cars will enable new ride- and car-sharing services".

"Creating a fully self-driving auto is one of society's most important endeavors-and one of the most challenging to deliver", Huang said in an address on Tuesday at the GPU Technology Conference in Munich, Germany. "Travelers will simply order up the type of vehicle they want, based on their destination and activities planned along the way". Nvidia says Pegasus packs ten times the performance of its predecessor, the Drive PX2. "The future of society will be reshaped", he said.

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Of course, when the platform comes out, we won't see Level 5 vehicles popping up overnight. "The new Nvidia Drive PX Pegasus shows the path to production for the automakers, startups and automotive ecosystem working to deliver this fantastic vision". Pegasus offers automakers a much denser AI package that can be used to create prototypes with designs closer to real-world vehicles. Such vehicles will have extraordinary computing requirements all of which has to be done with multiple levels of redundancy to ensure the highest level of safety.

NVIDIA's automotive director Danny Shapiro said in an interview that numerous first 25 customers using Pegasus chips would focus on robotaxis, which will be built without steering wheels or brakes and used only on dedicated routes.

NVIDIA Corporation shares rose $3.86 (+2.08%) in premarket trading Tuesday.

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