Blade Runner Trivia: Things You May Not Know About the 1982 Classic

Blade Runner Trivia: Things You May Not Know About the 1982 Classic

The original Blade Runner wasn't a financial hit when it came out in 1982, barley making over $25 million during its initial domestic run. However, 35 years down the line, if there's one director who could produce a replicant of Ridley Scott's commendable vision, it's Villeneuve.

Can the film, starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford and directed by Arrival's Denis Villeneuve, go right with Oscar where the original went wrong? Check out the Blade Runner trivia in the player above!

Sony said a start approaching $50 million internationally would put "Blade Runner 2049" in a similar position to "Gravity", "Mad Max: Fury Road", and "The Martian" - which all had strong reviews and staying power in foreign markets.

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One of the many debates surrounding Blade Runner has been whether a sequel could or should ever be made.

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Ryan Gosling, even if he's not the most expressive actor, is very effective as K, and Harrison brings a world tired intelligence to his role that pays in spades during the third act of the movie. "I wanted every time we used special effects to be necessary to the story and to have a meaning, and not just be there for the sake of playing with toys". Pictures' highly-anticipated Blade Runner 2049 now playing in theaters, we're revisiting the original film with some pieces of trivia that you may now know. It's now projected to make $50 million in its opening weekend, which is a decent debut, but it'll need to have some serious legs in order to be considered a success, as its budget was reportedly about $150 million.

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