Microsoft Groove Is Going Away, So Switch to Spotify

Microsoft Groove Is Going Away, So Switch to Spotify

Microsoft is expanding its "partnership with Spotify to bring the world's largest music streaming service to our Groove Music Pass customers", Jerry Johnson, general manager of Microsoft Groove, said in an october 2 announcement.

Microsoft's Groove Music has been terminated, with the publishing giant now allying with Spotify instead. That said, Groove Music customers will still be treated to a two-month trial of Spotify Premium.

Microsoft will continue to run Groove Music Pass until the end of calendar 2017.

If you're an Xbox One owner using Groove Music, you should know that Spotify's Xbox One app, like Groove Music, also lets you play music from Spotify's catalog, search for new tunes, and listen to your own playlists while you game.

For more on Groove Music shutting down and the transition to Spotify, you'll find an exhaustive FAQ here, which should help address any queries you might have on the matter.

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Launch the Groove application on a compatible device and sign in to your account if you are asked to do so.

As of July, Spotify says that it has over 60 million subscribers, and over 140 million listeners who are not subscribers.

Music streaming hasn't simply outpaced digital downloads and the purchase of CDs, it's now responsible for supporting America's recorded music industry.

The Groove app will continue as the default music player in Windows for local content, but streaming will now be taken care of by Spotify. The company also announced that Groove Music Pass customers will now be able to access Spotify service via the app. The company has partnered with Spotify to make migrating playlists over to the new service easier. "Spotify will check if you're eligible for the free 60 days of Spotify Premium", according to Microsoft website.

Windows Insiders will get to test the Groove to Spotify transfer tool first. Meanwhile, Apple Music is witnessing tremendous year-over-year growth with 27 million paying users, and it is sprinting to close the gap with Spotify.

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