International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child

Meanwhile, speakers at a programme organised here on Wednesday on the occasion of International Girls' Day stressed that all bodies concerned should involve to reduce child marriage.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to celebrate the International Day of the Girl with me by participating in the Government of Canada's #ClaimYourPlace campaign and tell us about the unbelievable girls who are making a difference around you.

Addressing the ceremony organised by Pakistan Girl Guides Association and two NGOs, the minister assured that the government was serious to include women protection laws and other protection mechanisms into school, college and university curricula with a view to sensitising girls with the rights.

The World Bank in June said ending child marriage would reduce population growth, boost girls educational achievements and increase their earnings.

For many girls, the latter rings more true in their lives, as some of their basic rights have been either denied or taken away from them.

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In addition to the social forces against them, girls continue to face high levels of gender-based violence, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe deliveries, she said.

"60 years on, this is the time for the girl child, wherever you come from to aspire to be the future Pharmacist, Lawyer, MP, Minister, Business Woman, Teacher", she said.

She said Plan Ghana as a global organization believed that the participation of girls were key for any nation to move forward, and that this was the reason why the organization were behind the growth of girls internationally.

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