Razer May Unveil A Smartphone on November 1st

Razer May Unveil A Smartphone on November 1st

Not to mention that the October 4, 2017 Tom Moss, former CEO and founder of Nextbit bought out by Razer became Senior Vice-President of Razer Mobile, has posted a small photo where you can see it with Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer. The tagline is "watch, listen, play" so we can definitely expect some focus on gaming, but it's Razer, so that shouldn't be a surprise at all.

The first hypothesis of specialized sites is one of a smartphone: Razer is indeed absent from this niche market, because it specialises in computers and higher-end devices for players of video games. The company that specializes in PC gaming gear and ridiculously insane triple-monitor laptops is teasing a launch event scheduled for November 1 where it will likely launch new hardware, quite possibly a smartphone designed for hardcore gamers.

Earlier today, Razer has confirmed to unveil its first smartphone on November 1st. The latter, in the pocket of his trousers, gave us a device the size and shape of a smartphone with the logo Razer.

We have been waiting for this ever since Razers acquisition (this past January) of the smartphone startup: Nextbit – the company behind the successful Kickstarter phone: the Robin. Reports suggest that Razer's smartphone will be geared towards gamers and if that's true, more RAM is certainly going to help with that.

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Razer is finally doing something with Nextbit. Also, it is appreciable how Razer has managed to prevent the smartphone from appearing in leaks.

Whatever it is, we have a feeling it will be another gaming device where you can also watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Now, let's talk about the specifications of the gaming-centric, Razer Phone. It seems a given that the phone will run on Android, since that was the operating system that powered the Nextbit Robin.

Until we hear more details abut what's specifically inside the rumored Razer phone, we can only offer up a wish list of what would make an ideal mobile device for gamers.

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