Mobile Limits the Data Usage in Canada and Mexico to 5 GB

Mobile Limits the Data Usage in Canada and Mexico to 5 GB

To stop the users from using "beyond the intent of the product" a capping has been applied to the usage of the monthly 4G LTE data.

T-Mobile subscribers got some fantastic news earlier this week. You won't keep running into overages (this is T-Mobile), however, you'll need to manage with speeds as low as 128 Kbps on the off chance that you go over your fast allotment. Once the cap is reached, you will be switched to Simple Global speeds only.

T-Mobile says that this change was made to "prevent usage beyond the intent of the product"; reading between the lines likely means that customers were costing the company too much money on the roaming networks.

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Well, that will no longer be the case beginning next month. Customers on that unlimited plan and many of T-Mobile's other plans had access to data in other countries baked in if they needed it. The company T-Mobile unveiled that from November 12, it will bind the unlimited LTE data to 5 GB monthly at the time of traveling to United States neighbors.

In 2015, T-Mobile (subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG) broadcasted its Un-carrier movement called "Mobile without Borders" under which unlimited calling, texting was offered to the customers and LTE date to Canada and Mexico that has been a tempting alternative for most of the travelers. After burning through 5GB, your speeds will drop to just 128kbps (or 256kbps if you have a T-Mobile One Plus plan).

Only 1% Users Affected With This Plan - T-Mobile Mobile Without Borders is an incredible benefit and allows customers to stay connected when traveling in Canada and Mexico. And, when you're in Mexico & Canada, you'll use 4G LTE data straight from your Simple Choice 4G LTE data plan.

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