Fall Creators Update to Roll Out with Fluent Design

Fall Creators Update to Roll Out with Fluent Design

Released in July 2015, Windows 10 was billed as the "last" version of Microsoft's operating system because the new OS was created to update on an ongoing basis via the cloud. This is Microsoft's attempt to prove that mixed reality headsets will soon be one of the primary ways we interact with our devices instead of luxury items used mostly for entertainment. Now it's finally here, and that means you'll be able to see for yourself how it compares to platforms like Oculus and HTC Vive. Once you download and open up the tool, installing the Fall Creators Update is fairly easy as you just need to click on the "Next" buttons.

With the Creators update, Microsoft is bringing in more of a 3D look and feel to Windows 10 including new tab management, built-in game broadcasting and enhanced security features such as a new Microsoft privacy dashboard.

Until now, any practical use of mixed reality required the use of a headset and for immersive virtual reality, you had to mount cameras in the corners of your home. Chief among them are new ransomware blockers that protect users from this costly form of malware.

After your computer restarts, the setup might ask you to verify Windows 10's privacy settings.

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Here's a workaround Microsoft suggests if your device is failing to boot after installing the October 10 Patch Tuesday update.

Windows 10 Mobile accounts for only 0.03 percent of the world's mobile OS market, according to the latest figures from the analyst firm IDC. Microsoft claims the end result is a Surface Book that is up to five times more powerful than the first generation models, with enough performance to pull off some gaming. "Windows 10 was designed as a service, whereby feature updates are required a couple times a year".

If Fall Creators Update is installed, your Version number will be 1709 and your Build number will be 16299.19 as shown below. Instructions are available in this blog post. If you are, it will start to download immediately. If you have a newer system, you'll be prompted to install the Fall Creators Update before those with older systems. For those who want it immediately, though, it is possible to use the Windows 10 update assistant to download and install it automatically.

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