Chrome getting basic antivirus features

Chrome getting basic antivirus features

Google has today announced that Chrome on Windows is getting a new feature to alert users about the malicious software on their Windows PCs. Google's Hijacked Settings Detection alerts you any time something you've downloaded attempts to access a setting it shouldn't have permission to.

This tool is now included with Chrome for Windows by default and runs automatically to detect when users install intrusive software that also affects Chrome's settings and behavior.

When this happens, Chrome will show a warning like the one below, allowing the user to restore his previous settings.

Under the hood, we upgraded the technology we use in Chrome Cleanup to detect and remove unwanted software. If unwanted content is identified during the installation process, a notification gives the user the option to remove the unwanted content, cancel, or see details about what has been identified as a threat, the post noted. We've recently completed a full redesign of Chrome Cleanup.

Google says that subtle search results are modified as part of redirect campaigns or additional ads, but in some cases it goes far beyond that.

Updated cleanup tool detects unwanted software that comes along. While it seems like an all-encompassing antivirus, it will only remove software that breeches Google's unwanted software policy.

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Over a million users have used the hijacked settings feature in the past month to prevent consent-free changes, according to the blog.

Users will be notified if an extension tries to change default settings or if unwanted software gets bundled into a download.

Ideally the new changes will imply that Google Chrome clients on Windows will have the capacity to appreciate somewhat more genuine feelings of serenity going ahead.

Google estimates the new security features will help "tens of millions" of Chrome users clear up security problems in the next few days.

Google has chose to help users of the browser house, Chrome to avoid these issues: Google Chrome now includes a service of cleaning improved.

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