Taylor Swift teases racy '...Ready for It?' music video

Taylor Swift teases racy '...Ready for It?' music video

Taylor Swift teases new video for "Ready For It". It is the third song from Swift's upcoming album "Reputation", which will be released on November 10.

"Are You Ready for It?" - posted on Swift's Instagram Monday - the singer appears to be transformed into a powerful cyborg (à la the Terminator) and takes on futuristic villains with lightning bolts and a thrumming beat. Likewise, Swift's robotic character might also be commentary on the fake and snake-like persona West and Kardashian have thrust upon her.

Fans seemed excited from the video, judging by YouTube comments. The song is about one of her boyfriend's natch.

And that all leads us to now, when Swift is gearing up to release another video, which possibly includes a reference to "Famous". From the teaser it appears, Swift (whose bodysuit resembles that of Scarlett Johansson's from the movie Ghost in the Shell, ) holds special powers to control the universe.

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Taylor recently stepped back into the spotlight with the release of her number one single Look What You Made Me Do but before that had been largely out of the public eye for six months, and it turned out she had been secretly seeing Joe.

'Kanye took her clothes off without even ask her. Of course, it's not really her. We see Taylor wearing huge hooded cape as she enters a dark underworld. According to Billboard, the fantastic visuals are similar to classics like "The Fifth Element" or "Ghost in the Shell". There are so many ways that this could go, and it's so hard to tell what's really going on from just a 15 second mashup of video clips. On October 23, the 27-year-old pop star released a teaser clip for the music video, which drops on Friday.

Think Swift's "Bad Blood" music video - but in outer space.

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