Marvel Comics Author Calls Out Racially Insensitive Corn Pops Box

Marvel Comics Author Calls Out Racially Insensitive Corn Pops Box

A blow-up on social media on Tuesday led Kellogg's to decide to change the artwork now appearing on the back of its Corn Pops cereal box.

The company, based out of MI said on Twitter Wednesday that it will replace the box art which showed cartoon corn pops in a mall.

Ahmed went on to say he realizes it's a tiny detail, but when he noticed his kid staring at the design over breakfast, he realized millions of other kids were doing the same...and what message would they be taking away?

Kellogg's was quick to respond and right the perceived wrong, but Ahmed got plenty of flack from other Twitter users who felt he was pushing political correctness too far and being a little oversensitive about the whole situation.

" We take responses extremely seriously, and also it was never our intent to annoy any individual", representative Kris Charles told USA Today.

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Kellogg's issued an apology, saying they never meant to offend anyone and they are updating the artwork soon. "I didn't have an answer". One person suggested the character was simply wearing a hat.

Some people debated whether Corn Pops have a gender. Should customers also be upset that the illustration seems to encourage jumping in mall fountains, surfing down escalators and walking on massive stilts made of spoons? "Or is it that the dark pop is the only one wearing clothes and with a job?"

On his Twitter account, writer Saladin Ahmed pointed out the image's possible racist undertones. Ahmed, a science fiction and fantasy writer and poet, is now writing Marvel Comic's Black Bolt series.

I looked at the box.

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