Flu shots protect you and the herd: Burnaby's medical health officer

Antiviral medications taken within a day or two after the flu symptoms start might help people at higher risk avoid pneumonia, hospitalization and death.

"Pharmacists being able to provide this service to our patients means more people across Alberta and Saskatchewan will be vaccinated, and that's a good thing", said Teasdale.

"The influenza is an inactive vaccine and therefore does not contain any live virus, and can not transmit infection", she said.

"There is still a possibility that people will get the shot and will still come down with the flu, but those cases are much more mild".

What should I do if I have flu symptoms? .

Jimenez went to the Clinton County Health Department in Plattsburgh to get a flu shot.

Pate also noted that while the shot contains inactive influenza, the nasal vaccine held the live virus: "They found that that has not been effective".

"The influenza virus mutates and, therefore, becomes resistant to vaccines, so new ones need to be manufactured to match the specific virus of that season", she said.

Every year, the flu is estimated to cause millions of illnesses, said California Department of Public Health (CDPH) officials.

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"You should get a flu vaccine now, if you haven't gotten one already this season", according to the CDC. Most people get a flu shot with no problem.

There is a common myth from some people that they may get the flu after being vaccinated, but Teasdale said that's all it is, a myth.

"No I want to never never get sick like that", she said.

"Getting immunized is one of the most important ways of preventing influenza".

Dr. Pate says this speculation likely stems from the fact that the vaccine is incubated in an egg and contains a small amount of egg proteins.

Also, if you are around children under two or adults older than 65, you should get the shot to better protect them from the flu.

Clinicians and pharmacists who give vaccines day in and day out have the skill to make the shots nearly painless.

Pregnant women may think they can't get the flu shot. Tens of thousands of people die each year from influenza.

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