Daylight Saving Time - The Controversy

Daylight Saving Time - The Controversy

Kentucky and IL residents will get back the hour of sleep they lost during the spring time change in March. However, it will get dark earlier in the evening. And there's a big surge in sleepy drivers not long after getting the extra hour of sleep due in part to hitting the road later in the day.

It's time for a change in America - a time change.

While the amount of sleep a person needs changes over time, adults are recommended to have between seven and eight hours of sleep, according to the National Blood, Heart and Lung Institute. Turn your clocks back one hour before heading to bed Saturday night, but remember that most smart phones will do this automatically nowadays. At least it beats losing an hour in the spring? Arizona and Hawaii are the only two USA states that don't use daylight saving time.

It wasn't until about a hundred years later that European nations like Germany (the first to adopt Daylight Saving during World War I), France, and England adopted the practice as a way to save fuel for the war effort.

When the United States was hit by an oil supply crisis in the early 1970s, the federal government chose to extend daylight time year-round for two years in a bid to save energy.

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Chronic sleep loss is known to have a wide variety of negative health effects, including an increase risk of disease, loss of mental awareness and judgment, and an increased risk of injury, such as vehicle accidents.

In 2012, a University of Alabama researcher suggested "springing forward" could present health challenges, including an increase in the potential for heart attacks.

That's what happened in 2007 when daylight time was extended in the a month in the spring and by a few days in the fall.

But some people may argue that Daylight Saving Time is necessary and makes sense.

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