President Trump says he's 'disappointed' with Justice

President Trump says he's 'disappointed' with Justice

An Instagram picture on Trump's account shows Sessions attended the meeting at which Papadopoulos made the suggestion.

"He now needs to come back before the Committee, in person, under oath, to explain why he can not seem to provide truthful, complete answers to these important and relevant questions", Leahy said in a statement.

Asked about his initial testimony at a hearing last month, Sessions again told Franken he did not communicate with Russians.

In a written questionnaire to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation, Sessions also told the panel he was not in contact with anyone associated with the Russian government - despite the fact that Sessions met twice with Sergey Kislyak, then the Russian ambassador to the US, during the campaign. Trump denies any collusion with Russian Federation and Moscow denies interfering in the 2016 election.

Sen. Martin Heinrich, a New Mexico Democrat who sits on the Senate intelligence committee, said that despite Sessions' testimony before the panel earlier this year, "it turns out he was at this meeting with George Papadopoulos".

A source familiar with the meeting told CNN that the encounter occurred at a dinner at the Capitol Hill Club, attended by members of the Trump national security team, including Sessions.

In addition to Leahy and Blumenthal, Senators Al Franken (Minn.) and Chuck Schumer (NY) are calling for the attorney general to testify.

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Sessions later recused himself from all matters related to the campaign, citing his support for the President's successful bid. "And I don't believe it happened". "Perjury is a very careful standard, but it's something that would be looked at". After reports to the contrary, the Justice Department clarified Sessions met with the Russian ambassador twice, and former FBI Director James Comey said Sessions may have met with the ambassador a third time. "If anybody's got any concerns about his meeting, write him a letter and see what he says", said Sen.

A Justice spokesperson declined to comment.

"He may still have technically answered the question correctly", said Representative Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat. Sessions has no clear recollection of Papadopoulos and doesn't recall any further interactions with him, including phone calls or emails, the person said.

In previous interviews, Page had denied meeting with any Russian government officials during the July 2016 trip, which included visiting Moscow's New Economic School, saying he met with "mostly scholars".

Even so, it's unclear how hard Democrats will go after Sessions even if they conclude that he lied to Congress.

Sessions said, "I did not, and I'm not aware of anyone else that did". In the plea deal documents released by Mueller on Monday, Papadopoulos recounted a meeting in which he suggested setting up a meeting with then-candidate Trump and some Russians he knew with potentially damaging information about Clinton. "It matters what Papadopoulos said" in the meeting, one Justice Department official said.

When asked by Tapper if Sessions was "the only one on the campaign that knew about the trip", Page replied: "I mentioned it to a few people".

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