Jay-Z Says Meek Mill's Prison Sentence is 'Unjust and Heavy Handed'

Jay-Z Says Meek Mill's Prison Sentence is 'Unjust and Heavy Handed'

This isn't Meek Mill's first run in with the law.

The crimes that triggered Meek's hefty sentence: fighting in an airport and doing wheelies on a dirt bike.

According to Billboard, a Philadelphia judge sentenced the rapper to two to four years in state prison for violating probation in a almost decade-old gun and drug case.

And Mill - whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams - was arrested again in NY back in August for recklessly driving his motorcycle. The 30-year-old rapper's Philadelphia case originated in 2008, when he was convicted on a drug and gun matter, earning him eight months in prison and five years of probation.

And now, fellow rapper Jay-Z has slammed the court's decision to sentence Meek Mill - who could spend up to 48 months in state prison - and insisted he will "always stand by" the star.

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Prior to that, he was also arrested in March for a fight in an airport; however those charges were dropped after he agreed to perform community service for the Veterans Association in Philadelphia.

Rap mogul Jay-Z late Monday wrote on Facebook that the sentence was "unjust and heavy-handed". Meek reportedly smirked after her comments, where the judge replied "I'm serious". The judge who sentenced the rapper Monday was apparently fed up with having to deal with him. Meek has been on probation for a gun and drug charge dated back to 2009.

So why is Meek being incarcerated yet again on a ludicrous sentence given the nature of his violations?

However, Judge Brinkley is reported to have said that she's been trying to help Meek Mill for 10 years but the rapper does what he wants.

When asked if he planned on appealing the sentence, Brian McMonagle, Meek Mill's defense attorney, responded, "You're goddamned right I am".

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