United States ground invasion of North Korea could cost 'millions' of lives

United States ground invasion of North Korea could cost 'millions' of lives

The report also said United States military leaders "assess that North Korea may consider the use of biological weapons" and that President Kim Jong Un's regime "has a long-standing chemical weapons program with the capability to produce nerve, blister, blood and choking agents".

The letter was a response to Michael Dumont, Deputy Director of the US Army Chiefs of Staff, at the request of two members of the House of Representatives, Democrats Ted Lieu and Ruben Gayego, who asked for an estimate of the expected human and material losses and possible military operations in the event of a conflict with North Korea.

To be clear, many analysts believe if there were a military conflict against North Korea, the US and South Korea would win within a matter of weeks. He noted that Seoul is home to some 25 million people and just 35 miles from the demilitarized zone, the de facto border between North and South Korea.

They revealed the ensuing conflict "could result in hundreds of thousands or even millions of deaths in just the first few days of fighting".

Lieu told The Washington Post "it's important for people to understand what a war with a nuclear power would look like".

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They also said the Trump administration 'has failed to articulate any plans to prevent the military conflict from expanding beyond the Korean Peninsula and to manage what happens after the conflict is over'. "The president needs to stop making provocative statements that hinder diplomatic options and put American troops further at risk", the lawmakers said.

The report comes at a time when US President Donald Trump is on a 12-day long Asia tour, in an attempt to defend his strong rhetoric against Pyongyang and its burgeoning nuclear capabilities. "Invading North Korea could result in a catastrophic loss of lives for USA troops and US civilians in South Korea", the statement said. In a speech before US troops based in Japan, Trump claimed that "no dictator, no regime and no nation, should underestimate, ever, American resolve".

North Korea has continued to test nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, despite several sanctions imposed on the country by the United Nations. "They are not only threatening in words, but they are switching over into action to ignite another Korean War", they said, referring to USA rhetoric. It was not pleasant for them, was it?

"Trump himself threw a characteristic wildcard into the mix, saying he would "certainly be open" to meeting the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un", The Guardian says.

The claim was made in September by a retired Air Force general who said the figure was estimated based on a conventional war scenario and did not include potential use of nuclear weapons.

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