IPhone X Face ID Tricked Into Unlocking With A Mask

IPhone X Face ID Tricked Into Unlocking With A Mask

"We were sitting down in our bedroom and were just done setting up the Face IDs, our 10-year-old son walked in anxious to get his hands on the new iPhone X", Malik wrote.

Apple claims the system is impervious to being fooled by photos, impersonators and masks, but a team of hackers claims to have beaten the technology after just a week.

The nose of the mask was made with silicone.

This is still a proof of concept, so it may not reliably work or be easy to replicate, and it also looks like a lot of effort for a common thief to go to.

Speaking at the iPhone X launch event in September, Apple's Senior Vice President Phil Schiller said: "They [Apple workers] have even gone and worked with professional mask makers and makeup artists in Hollywood to protect against these attempts to beat Face ID". Apple insisted that the new biometric scanner is ultimately more convenient and very secure - there's a one in a million chance that there's a random person somewhere in the world who can unlock your phone with their face, Apple said.

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Such sophisticated means to spoof the iPhone X Face ID means that regular iPhone X users would most likely not be the targets.

Other researchers and Apple itself have tried-and failed-to fool Face ID using a mask.

According to Bkav the experiment began right after iPhone X was released. But the introduction of the brand new iPhone X, and it's facial recognition lock, has come with some controversy. It only took Vietnam-based cybersecurity experts from Bkav a few days to figure out the vulnerabilities of the authentication mechanism and create an extremely creepy mold of a hacker's face. You'd need a detailed, near-exact digital scan.

Bkav wrote in its blog that the efforts involved to fool the Face ID would make it incredibly hard to compromise casual users. However it's also important for security and policing organisations to know about the limits of Face ID.

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