Tampa neighborhood 'held hostage' as fourth victim murdered

Tampa neighborhood 'held hostage' as fourth victim murdered

The persons walk and demeanor matches video taken October 9, the night Benjamin Mitchell, 22, the first victim, was killed.

The four victims, none of whom knew each other, all shot and killed in the dark night or early morning hours during the past four weeks. When they arrived on scene, they found a deceased adult male in the street.

Dugan now says he is calling the person in the video a suspect in at least two of the Seminole Heights murders. He had a large black pistol and was last seen wearing all black. "We need someone who is thoughtful, cares, and has the heart and the fortitude and the bravery to step forward and tell us who this person is and give us the identity".

"I've been watching the serial killer news and watching, listening, praying - and for that to happen to my brother, to be shot four times at close range, that's hard", Linda Cunningham said.

The chief said the suspect ran east on McBerry Street after 60-year-old Ronald Felton was gunned down.

"There will be one more family today that will be notified of a family member that was killed in cold blood", Buckhorn said.

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During a packed news conference Wednesday at police headquarters, Dugan said the increase is part of an effort to help solve the crime, in part by helping to rule out individuals.

Police spokesman Steve Hegarty said the suspect couldn't have "gone very far, and we're talking to as many people as we can to see what they may have seen". "We don't need speculation".

The string of unsolved killings began October 9 with the shooting death of Mitchell.

Two days later, Monica Hoffa (left) was also shot after getting off a bus. They have released surveillance videos of a hooded suspect after the earlier shootings. "We believe this is the same person, once again, running away from the scene of the shooting". And on October 19, Anthony Naiboa, 20, was killed after taking the wrong bus home from his new job. It showed the suspect repeatedly flipping and staring at a cellphone before Mitchell's death.

On Thursday evening, a group of neighbors formed a search group off of North Nebraska Avenue to canvass the area around the food pantry where Ronald Felton was shot and killed while volunteering, becoming the fourth shooting victim. Her friends would often stop by and hang out on her porch to talk, but "now they're like, 'I'm not coming to see you'".

The chief is hesitant to call this the case of a serial killer, saying his detectives are still not 100 percent confident all four killings are connected.

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