OH politician criticized for Facebook post 'trivializing' sexual assault

OH politician criticized for Facebook post 'trivializing' sexual assault

I am sooooo disappointed by this national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago.

O'Neill, who had announced his intentions to run for governor of OH in October, made headlines on Friday when he issued a Facebook post intending to defend Minnesota Senator Al Franken, who apologized on Thursday after being accused of sexual misconduct during a USO tour in 2006.

Roughly six hours after his initial post, O'Neill hid or deleted it from his Facebook page.

The Ohio Democratic Party responded in a statement by saying "Justice O'Neill's Facebook comments that dehumanize women add nothing to this important conversation, which is actually about harassment and abuse, not encounters between consenting adults".

"In the last fifty years I was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females", he wrote on his page.

The post initially gave identifying details about women O'Neill had slept with, one of whom "he made passionate love [with] in the hayloft of her parent's barn".

A state Supreme Court justice running for OH governor has volunteered candid details of his sexual past on Facebook, saying he was trying to de-legitimize the national "media frenzy" over politicians' sexual indiscretions. "It's wrong to trivialize this", Sutton said in a phone interview. Questions about judicial ethics and the ability to remain impartial while campaigning were raised by fellow politicians and editorial boards across the state. "No words can convey my shock.This gross disrespect for women shakes the public's confidence in the integrity of the judiciary". "I figured I'd make it easy for my enemies just to say, I am not a ideal person, and I would suggest that neither are you", O'Neill said.

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California , the high court overturned the conviction of a man who wore a jacket in a courtroom with the words "F*** the draft". He asked for tips on the identity of the truck's owner and said he would "like to discuss it" with the owner.

He also said his media representative resigned.

He did amend his post to take out details of a few of the more than 50 lovers he claims, but says his post wasn't inappropriate.

O'Neill said he was prompted to post the comments in reaction to calls for Sen.

Many viewed the post as remarkably tone-deaf in the national debate over sexual misconduct allegations and evidence against a series of powerful men in Hollywood, the media and in politics.

O'Neill is expected to drop out of the governor's race.

"The biggest takeaway for me is that there is something very uncomfortable seeming about a judge who is simultaneously sitting as judge and running for elected office", Geyh said.

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