Over 50 Million Travelers Expected to Hit the Road this Thanksgiving

Over 50 Million Travelers Expected to Hit the Road this Thanksgiving

The London-based business information provider teamed with AAA in 2009 to jointly analyze travel trends during major holidays. Nationally, 89 percent of travelers - 45.5 million - will go by auto, which is 3.2 percent higher than past year.

In Florida, more than 2.6 million residents will travel at least 50 miles from their home for the holiday, a 3.2 percent increase over past year.

According to AAA Wisconsin, more than one million Wisconsinites will travel at least 50 miles from home between next Wednesday and November 26th. The Thanksgiving holiday travel period is considered to be Wednesday through Sunday.

Nationwide, Thanksgiving travel is expected to grow by 3.3 percent this year - an increase that AAA says is driven by growing consumer confidence.

Flying High: Over 82,000 Wisconsinites are forecast to take a flight. Americans on average are paying $2.56 at the pump, and Virginians have seen an average increase of 30 cent across the state from past year. At $70/day, the daily vehicle rental average is 34 percent more than past year and the highest rate for Thanksgiving weekend since 2013. The price of gas statewide is up from the $2.19 a gallon recorded a year ago.

Total Travelers: 2.6 million Floridians will travel 50 miles or more; an increase of 80,230 people (3.2%) over past year.

Cheaper Airfare: Consumers will pay the cheapest average airfare since 2013.

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Some 45.5 million United States road-trippers will set off to grandma's house and other destinations during the Thanksgiving holiday, the highest volume seen nationwide since 2005. Travel by trains and other modes (including buses and cruises) is expected to increase 1.1 percent to 1.48 million travelers.

Those driving over the holiday should keep in mind that the cost of fueling is up. What is interesting is gas prices in Wisconsin are likely to be at their highest since 2014. Oil prices have begun retreat from 2-year highs, which should allow gas prices to start drifting lower by the time people set out for their destination.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving travelers who fly this holiday are expected to pay the lowest fares in five years for round-trip tickets on the top 40 domestic routes.

But some of the savings will be lost when renting a auto.

Washington's average is even higher at $3.00 a gallon.

Past year over the Thanksgiving holiday, AAA Carolinas rescued about 8,400 motorists, mainly because of dead batteries, flat tires and lockouts.

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