Xbox Store Black Friday deals available until November 27

Xbox Store Black Friday deals available until November 27

For those of you with active Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, your monthly slate of free games has been announced.

Black Friday Dealer deal analysts help shoppers find the best deals by comparing Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts from the big retailers.

While basically every retailer has the Xbox One S available for $189.99 (it's the official Black Friday pricing set by Microsoft), there are a number of retailers offering perks for those who grab the while it's on sale.

The release of Xbox One X has now made it possible to finally play Dark Souls on a console with mostly stable 30 fps. With upgraded internal hardware, the console is capable of displaying games in 4K resolution and allows gamers to enjoy their favorite titles at a faster frame rate.

Xbox wireless controllers are also part of the promo.

Comment period extended on proposed national park fee increase
Visitors would be charged $70 per vehicle, up from the current $30 fee , during the five busiest months of the year. The deadline was originally set for Thursday, but on Tuesday the comment period was extended to December 22.

Two of the largest discount retailers in the country - Target, and Best Buy - have a promotions on the PS4 1TB console at deep discount for only $199.99. Finding one at a discount could prove next to impossible.

Black Friday 2017 deals in the United Kingdom are getting better by the day, and there are now some very attractive early offers for gaming enthusiasts, including Xbox One, PS4, game bundles and PC or console games.

Black Friday 2017 - Best deals and offers on top technology Thu, November 9, 2017 BLACK FRIDAY 2017 kicks off on November 24 and here's some of the best deals available right now. As with most things, you'll pay more in Canada, but there's still savings to be had either way. A lot of the titles in the sale are some of this year's best and newest games, along with classics from the PS4's lifetime. Let's take a look at all three consoles and how they stack up against one another.

If you want some games to go along with your new Nintendo Switch, then you're in luck.

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