Black Friday Helps Increase Pocket of Amazon Boss to Reach $100 Bln

Black Friday Helps Increase Pocket of Amazon Boss to Reach $100 Bln

Business tycoon Jeff Bezos became the first billionaire since 1999 to cross the mark of net worth $100 billion. In doing so, Bezos' own net worth went up as well.

Mr Bezos is the first person to hit that level since Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in 1999. Black Friday sales this year have pushed his net worth up by $2.4 billion making him the newest billionaire with such money.

Bezos' estimated net worth jumped $2.4 billion after Amazon shares soared by 2 percent on the back of extraordinary Black Friday sales, which were up 18.4 percent on previous year, Bloomberg reports. As pointed by the report, online sales increased by 18.4 percentage in comparison to previous year as reported by Adobe Analytics.

"World's Richest Man" is a title Bezos officially earned in October when he beat Gates for the title, a feat he also briefly accomplished in July.

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Mr Gates is now second in the Index with $89,1bn, followed by Warren Buffet ($78.7bn) and Spain's Armancio Ortega ($75.9bn).

While Gates and Bezos have both been vying for the top spot on the world's richest person list for some time, Gates made it slightly easier for Bezos to surpass him this year when he donated 5% of his net worth (roughly $4.6 billion) to charity in August. However, given the rate his net worth has increased over the past few years, it won't be long before he finds more firm ground beyond the almost inconceivable 12-figure value. Unlike Gates or Buffet, Bezos has neither pledged his wealth for charity nor has he done too much about it.

That said, Bezos is starting to focus a bit more on philanthropy. This past June he asked Twitter for ideas on how to be a better philanthropist.

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