Feds want to seize Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang album

Feds want to seize Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang album

In August, a USA jury convicted Shkreli of defrauding investors in hedge funds he ran years before he gained fame for hiking the price of a drug.

Additionally, there was mention of Shkreli's copy of what may be "Tha Carter V", the lost double-album from rap legend Lil Wayne.

Pharma Bro and rich headass Martin Shkreli's is the bane of Hip-Hop culture since he has his hands on exclusive Wu-Tang Clan and Lil Wayne albums.

They're also set to take a Picasso painting, an Enigma machine, $5 million in cash (from his E-Trade account), and his shares of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

Prosecutors said that, after a "diligent" search to locate "traceable assets" without success, they were forced to turn to substitute assets that could be seized to make up the balance.

Feds want to seize Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang album
Feds want to seize Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang album

Their seizure threats stem from prosecutors seeking money Shkreli owes after being convicted of defrauding investors. The former biotech CEO, known for provocative online antics, played short excerpts while live-streaming himself in his Manhattan apartment after President Donald Trump's election and his conviction.

It's unclear whether Shkreli is still the owner.

A judge revoked Shkreli's $5 million bail and threw him behind bars in September after he offered a $5,000 bounty on Facebook for a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair. Shkreli later apologized and said he was joking.

Martin Shkreli, left, talks with reporters while standing next to his attorney Benjamin Brafman after leaving federal court in NY on August 4, 2017. "Accordingly, forfeiture of any assets is not an appropriate remedy".

Shkreli, who disputed the charges, signaled through his attorney he would also oppose the forfeiture request. Several of Shkreli's former investors have testified in the trial.

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