Supermoon Alert! Sunday's Full Moon Will Be 2017's Only Supermoon

Supermoon Alert! Sunday's Full Moon Will Be 2017's Only Supermoon

When two full moons occur in the same month, the second is sometimes called a blue moon or, in this case, a super blue moon.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has denied reports of supermoon sighting in Pakistan in a statement issued on Saturday by clearing that it would be full moon instead. But the supermoon that took place exactly a month before that was much more notable - it was the closest supermoon to Earth since January 1948. At that point the moon will be 222,135 miles away from Earth - almost 16,000 miles closer than it usually is during the year, reported.

The full moon on Sunday night will be a supermoon and will be bigger and brighter than usual.

On Sunday, the moon will shine brighter and appear larger than it has all year.

The best time to see the moon at its most stunning will be in the early evening as the moon rises and as it sets in the early morning.

This last full moon of the year is known as a Frost Moon, Cold Moon or Moon Before Yule.

But the astronomer warned that as use of the nickname "supermoon" grows, so do expectations.

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It's been a year since the visible supermoon was sitting in the night sky, and now the first, and last, supermoon of 2017 is happening Sunday night.

While the moon is undoubtedly both bigger and brighter than usual, our eyes tend to trick us into seeing the moon as larger than it truly is.

If you want to watch the supermoon from the comfort of your bed, there are at least two live stream options.

A supermoon is also believed to have an impact on the Earth's waters.

"If you stretch out your arm at full length, and stretch out your thumb, and compare the size of the full moon in the sky to the size of your thumb, you'll notice the width of the full moon compared to the size of your thumb; you can put four full moons across the width of your thumb".

Though this will be the fourth supermoon of 2017, the previous three were not visible because they coincided with new moons.

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