Gas Prices Drop in Rockford

Gas Prices Drop in Rockford

Vehicles that require premium gasoline should always use it, AAA said.

Since drivers of these vehicles are unlikely to see any benefit from using premium gasoline during typical city or highway driving, a combination of laboratory and on-road tests were performed to simulate extreme driving scenarios such as towing, hauling cargo, and aggressive acceleration.

The American Automobile Association on Tuesday released study results that show premium fuel doesn't boost performance of fuel economy in cars not designed for it.

While the tests yielded fuel-economy improvements of an average 2.7 percent across all models and a slight increase in horsepower of just more than 1.4 percent, AAA says the benefits are modest at best when considering how much gas stations charge for premium nowadays.

Of course, there are some vehicles that explicitly say "premium fuel only", which is a good thing to abide by if you don't want your engine to knock when you drive.

AAA tested six vehicles: a 3.5L Ecoboost Ford F-150, 6.2L V8 Cadillac Escalade, 5.0L Ford Mustang V8; and four-cylinder engines in a 2.0L Mazda MX-5 Miata, 1.8L Audi A3 and 1.4L Jeep Renegade.

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AAA said vehicles showed less than a 3 percent gain in miles per gallon and horsepower despite premium fuel's additional 20 percent to 25 percent cost. S. recommend, but do not require, premium gasoline. On average, vehicles produced 1.4% more horsepower using Premium.

The fuel economy improvements recorded during AAA testing do not offset the potential extra cost to purchase premium gasoline. "Look for another week of declines as refineries continue to produce gasoline at a much higher rate than what is being consumed". In an engine that's engineered to run on lower-octane Regular gas, using Premium doesn't make one bit of difference, except on your credit card statement.

If you're buying premium gasoline for a auto that doesn't require it, you may be wasting your money, according to AAA.

"Seasonal trends like reduced gasoline demand and increased fuel supply are allowing pump prices to keep moving lower", said Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA.

For those vehicles that do not recommend or require premium gasoline, AAA suggests drivers opt for the lower priced, regular fuel.

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