Rafael dos Anjos responds to Colby Covington's call out

Rafael dos Anjos responds to Colby Covington's call out

Dos Anjos seemed to have the ideal strategy to dismantle Lawler as he chopped away at his foundation with a series of brutal leg kicks before then pressing forward with a flurry of strikes over and over again.

Round Five: The round begins with Lawler cracking a swinging Dos Anjos with a counter right, Dos Anjos backs a swinging Lawler into the cage wall while landing a combo of his own. Now, he's calling for his shot at champion Tyron Woodley. "He's beat nobody. He beat Demian Maia, but he looked really bad when he fought Demian, and I have no comments on that guy". RDA had a great moment, he went out there, he did his job. Dos Anjos was way more physical and put constant pressure on Lawler throughout the 25-minute fight, at one point putting on a striking clinic over the five-round bout. "I think I deserve it because of my history, doing what I did in the other division, being 10 years in UFC already, I think I did enough tonight to dserve that title shot and I'm sure I'll get that belt".

Dos Anjos, for his part, is hoping White holds up his end of the bargaining, while he believes he can cause Woodley some damage with his well-rounded skillset. He's going to have a lot of things to worry about.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City
But his injury could make an already tough assignment - containing speedy Kansas City receiver Tyreek Hill - even more hard . Travis Wakeman (10-3): "This is normally a spot I'd pick against the Chargers, but it's hard to go against them right now".

On Woodley, dos Anjos added: "I think with me, he's got to worry about everywhere". He's just talking crap about people.

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