Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

However forecasters say Tayside is more likely to get a downpour of rain than a flurry of snow. The snow line dips lower in elevation, as the major coastal cities in OR and Washington will remain above freezing during the day. While that's certainly cooler than the mid to upper 50s we enjoyed today, it's not almost as cold as the stuff we shivered to most of last week.

"Right now it looks like a pretty changeable weather pattern", said Craig Evanego, meteorologist with the National Weather Service at State College.

The Icelandic Met Office has forecasted a white Christmas across Iceland this year. However, it is still too early to determine specifically what type of precipitation will occur, and how much, if any, accumulations we may see.

Whether that cold air meets up with any moisture to create any snow or ice in central Virginia in the days after Christmas is an even bigger "if".

Christmas Day may find Virginia stuck somewhere in the middle of those two air masses, and the holiday forecast is also stuck with some uncertainty for now.

It should be mild and wet this weekend leading into Christmas Eve on Sunday, he said. The first is, it is warmer in the afternoon for Christmas eve and it now doesn't show any precipitation in the area.

This year, some models are saying there is a small chance in the least likely regions.


The last time it snowed on Christmas in New York City was in 2009.

As for snow potential, see the map attached to this article: a series of upper level waves will pivot their way across Texoma; the first one brings the rain event Tuesday (Dec 19), Wave #2 offers a low-end chance of rain Friday, and Wave #3 could bring some light snow Christmas Eve.

"Christmas Day is looking quite cold", Packingham said, noting people with pets will want to take precautions.

In Owatonna, which does lie south of that band, Keclik said the current forecast calls for about five inches of snow between Thursday and Friday.

The best chance for snowfall on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day could be in a swath that goes through the Ohio Valley, eastern Great Lakes and New England.

A third scenario would bring cold and dry weather to the area.

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