Google Chrome will start blocking bad ads in February 2018

Earlier this year, Google surprised us with the announcement that it would soon include a built-in ad-blocker in its popular Chrome browser.

At the time, Google said the new feature would launch in 2018, but didn't provide a specific date. Chrome will filters ads based on the Better Ads Standards by the Coalition for Better Ads, which Google also joined in June of this year. By doing this, Google will be able to root out "bad or aggressive" ads thanks to the guidelines that are put in place by the Coalition. Beginning the day after Valentine's Day, sites sporting ads that don't meet the Coalition for Better Ads' standards for 30 days will have all ads blocked in Chrome.

If a website violates the standards it will be reported to them via the Ad Experience Report.

For anyone who is exhausted of being left at the mercy of an onslaught of ads on a regular basis, this is an important addition to Chrome.

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We look forward to continuing to work with industry bodies to improve the user experience for everyone. As long as you use Chrome, Google will make sure you see fewer and fewer obnoxious ads, which will hopefully mean less reliance on an ad blocker to help support the content providers you read the most.

The addition of a new form of ad-blocking software isn't big news on the desktop browser front, where ad-blocking plug-ins of one type or another have been commonplace for well over a decade.

However, it will block some of the most annoying ads you're likely to encounter while using the internet. Now when know when Google plans to send this ad blocker live, and it turns out that launch is right around the corner. According to the company, indiscriminate ad blockers impact publishers' bottom lines and threaten the sustainability of the web ecosystem.

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