Tie vote declared in pivotal Virginia House district

Tie vote declared in pivotal Virginia House district

Voters in Newport News proved once again today that every vote counts.

A court has now declared a tie in a Virginia legislative election that one day earlier appeared to have gone to a Democrat by a single vote, the latest dramatic twist in a contest likely to decide control of the state House. It would mean a rare power-sharing agreement may have to be brokered. But that process seemed less likely to be of outcome, given that Democrat Dawn Adams was 336 votes ahead of Republican incumbent Del.

Virginia law says that in the event of a tie, the election board will determine the victor "by lot", after which point Republicans believe the loser can petition for another recount; however, there is some disagreement among Virginia election experts as to how the law should be applied in this case.

Control of the state House will likely be determined by the victor of the race.

But five hours and much nailbiting later, after painstaking counting overseen by local elections officials and the clerk of court, Yancey's lead narrowed before it gradually disappeared and then reversed, allowing Simonds to beat him by one vote. The even split, if it stands, would be the first time in 18 years that Republicans have lacked a majority in Virginia's lower house. However, the bubble for Gillespie had an X mark and the bubble for Simonds had a slash-like mark. David Yancey by 1 vote. If a three-judge panel accepts Simonds as the victor on Wednesday, the House could have a 50-50 split which could force a power sharing arrangement. We use the word "appear" because, despite the definitive Washington Post statement, Ballotpedia reports that at present the breakdown is really 49-49, with two more seats-one leaning Democratic and the other leaning Republican-still to be decided. If Simonds' win holds, control of the House would be tied. But if no agreement can be reached, prolonged chaos could ensue.

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A recount is set begin for a Virginia House of Delegates race that could alter the power dynamic in Richmond. He wrote that the ballot had both candidates' names bubbled in for the 94th District race. It's one of four recounts that were scheduled following extremely close House races this year.

But if the loser of this determination doesn't like the results, per state law, they can call for a recount. The 94th District had by far the slimmest vote difference and the biggest chance of flipping.

A three-judge panel certified the 94th District in Newport News as tied at 11,608 to 11,608 on Wednesday, a day after a recount appeared to give Democrat Shelly Simonds the victory over Republican Del.

A fourth recount in the Fairfax County-centered 40th District confirmed the victor as incumbent Del.

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