Raul Castro to Stay in Office Until April as Cuba Extends Term

Raul Castro to Stay in Office Until April as Cuba Extends Term

The Cuban government announced Thursday that it will postpone a historic presidential election in 2018.

A Castro will be Cuba's president for at least a little longer.

Cuban state-run media is reporting the current Cuban parliament has chose to extend its session up until April.

It looks like Raul Castro will be staying in power a bit longer in Cuba than initially expected.

Castro has reiterated on several occasions that he will step down as president in 2018, although he will remain as first secretary of the central committee of the ruling Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

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Jose Luis Toledo Santander, the assembly's chairman of constitutional and legal affairs, said damage from Hurricane Irma, which delayed legislative elections in September, made it impossible to make the transition in February. The announcement did not mention such action.

"I do not see a scope in his thought or in his expression", Antonio Rodiles said in a recent interview.

Canel has pledged to continue Raul Castro's policies, including limited growth of private enterprise as part of the country's planned economy, single party rule, and tight government control of virtually all aspects of life for Cubans.

"Diaz-Canel is flawless for that because he does not have any power, nor anyone who follows him, nor a commanding voice", Gonzalez said.

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