First Alexa-enabled digital glasses to debut at CES

First Alexa-enabled digital glasses to debut at CES

It is claimed that users can adjust the field of view and brightness of the smart glasses based on AR based on their requirements so that the wearable device is convenient to use outdoors or at home.

Vuzix unveiled at CES a new pair of smart glasses to deliver augmented reality content from connected smartphones and computers.

An Amazon spokeswoman has said that they are "excited about the potential of the glasses and the ability to bring Alexa to customers in a new way".

He claims that Vuzix's Alexa integration is part of an Amazon program that allows third-party hardware manufacturers to put the digital assistant into their products.

AR is a technology that superimposes digital information such as maps, text messages and more onto a person's view of the real world, while virtual reality submerses a user into a completely different digitally created world. That includes stock prices, sports scores and weather data.

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Adding Alexa's machine learning smart capabilities into the mix makes a lot of sense and could really turn the Blade specs into a device that is useful for both work and play, providing you can stomach wearing the nerd goggles out in public; that didn't work out so well for Google Glass. The glasses weigh less than 3-ounces, but at around $1,000 they'll weigh heavily on your wallet. So for those who do not have an account yet but are already planning to purchase the smart glasses, there is still time.

Vuzix will release these AR glasses in the second quarter of this year for about $1000.

While it is a high price point, "the ultimate goal is to have it under US$500 and we'll be able to do that" by next year, he said.

LOUIS, Mo. _Amazon's digital assistant is making its way from speakers, mirrors, and appliances to some smart glasses. However, the Cupertino giant is not expected to release its high-tech spectacles until 2020. We don't know if Amazon will ever launch its own pair of Alexa-enabled smart glasses, but this is a good start anyway. As a producer of compatible head-mounted displays for the technology, the company is no novice in the AR market.

It is touted that this is the first pair of smart glasses that will provide a large virtual screen and a lightweight build weighing around 85 grams.

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