Tonya Harding, mother give differing accounts of abuse, drinking

Tonya Harding, mother give differing accounts of abuse, drinking

And like with Kerrigan, the comeback campaign is an apparent victim to Harding's desire for personal gain. The two are the subjects of the critically acclaimed new movie " I, Tonya".

"I, Tonya" has fun with the various versions of the Kerrigan attack, treating it like "Rashomon" for idiots.

Disgraced former figure skater Tonya Harding's comeback tour just got knee-capped much like her former rival, Nancy Kerrigan, did.

"I've been busy. I was at the national [figure skating] championships this week so I didn't watch the Golden Globes". Now, her agent Michael A. Rosenberg has quit after the skater requested that all reporters who ask about the Kerrigan incident be fined. Tonya's life story is told by her mother (Allison Janney), ex-husband (Sebastian Stan), her coach (Diane Rawlinson) and herself (Margot Robbie) with a few conflicting "facts" along the way.

She also spent a fair amount of time at the Globes trying to rewrite Tonya's biographical history.

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"As you say, I was the victim", she said. Like, that's my role in this whole thing. Unfortunately, we reached an impasse today on how to treat the press in the future. Janney gives the kind of take-no-prisoners, bull-in-a-china-shop performance that's earning praise and awards; she's certainly brutal, the gasoline fueling the movie's motor.

"Her adamant and final position is that reporters must sign an affidavit stating that they won't ask her anything "about the past" or they'll be fined $25,000. Obviously, it doesn't work that way; and therefore I've chosen to terminate our business relationship".

"I am so over the glamorization of a villain simply because she was born on the 'wrong side of the tracks, '" he tweeted. Tim DeFrisco Getty Images Jeff Gillooly second from left, ex-husband to figure Skater Tonya Harding, sits with his attorney Ron Hoevet, while Shane Minoaka Stant, right, is led into court for their arraignment in connection with the assault on skater Nancy Kerrigan.

She recently told ABC News, "I knew that something was up". "But they were talking about skating and saying, 'Well, maybe somebody should be taken out so then, you know, she can make it'".

"I remember asking him, 'What is going on?"

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