US Senate votes to end gov't shutdown, bill goes to House

US Senate votes to end gov't shutdown, bill goes to House

The Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate continued to point fingers at each other for causing a government shutdown that extended into its second day on Sunday, amid squabbles over immigration and border security.

The vote Monday will prove to be a test of unity and resolve among Democrats.

Democrats have demanded protection from deportation of more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the USA as children. It was previously a dealbreaker for many Democrats, but they have warmed to the proposal as the prospects of an immigration deal became dimmer.

The current government funding expired on Friday midnight as the Senate failed to advance a stopgap spending bill, which had passed the House of Representatives and would fund the government through February 16.

WASHINGTON ― Government agencies will feel the worst effects of the ongoing shutdown Monday morning, as senators were unable to find an agreement over the weekend that would fund government operations and potentially provide a path forward for a larger immigration deal. McConnell had previously said he would bring a deal to a vote only if President Donald Trump supported it.

Congress reconvened for a rare Saturday session, where leaders of both sides were meant to hammer out their differences to prevent the shutdown from stretching to today. Those Democrats are notable because they represent two of the deepest red states in the country. It doesn't tie the immigration vote to another piece of legislation, a tactic often used to build momentum. But the White House is well aware of those considerations, which is why senior officials close to the President are asking for more than just a wall. Sixteen of them voted against the measure (along with Republicans Mike Lee and Rand Paul, who generally oppose stopgap spending bills); other than Dianne Feinstein and Jon Tester (who was focused all along on the absence of community health funding in the bill), these dissenters were from the progressive wing of the Senate Democratic Caucus. It's unclear whether the bill will gain enough votes to pass the Senate. "They blinked", principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah told CNN. "Not good!" Trump wrote. Graham thanked Democratic Senators "commitment to hard work and finding solutions last night".

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Democrats "own this mess", he said, "but now we need to work together to clean it up". She added that senators who voted Monday in favor of the deal "are not resisting Trump, they are enablers".

McConnell's latest offer is little more than an empty promise.

Flake said he plans to vote to reopen the government tomorrow.

"That would be the end of the Senate as it was originally devised and created going back to our founding fathers", said Sen. The resolution would include disaster relief and reauthorization of the CHIP child healthcare program, according to the Washington Post.

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney on Sunday accused some Democrats of wanting to "deny the president sort of the victory lap of the anniversary of his inauguration" - echoing a complaint Trump made on Twitter the day before.

Republicans have appeared increasingly confident that Democrats would bear the brunt of criticism for the shutdown. U.S. Senate reached 60 votes Monday to advance bill to end government shutdown. Trump, who regularly disrupted negotiations in recent weeks, had been a relatively subdued player in the weekend debate. President Trump on Monday accused Democrats of prioritizing services and security for noncitizens over USA citizens. "As you've heard the president say, 'I'm not asking for 2,500 miles".

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