Snapchat Enables Users To Share & Watch Videos On Other Platforms

Snapchat Enables Users To Share & Watch Videos On Other Platforms

Snapchat gave some reasoning for bringing the feature now, saying that it will let users send their content to anyone while demonstrating just how the app and features work.

But on Snapchat, users see through the eye of their camera as soon as they open the app - all they have to do is point, shoot, maybe add some sort of psychedelic filter, and post. Bloomberg's report stated that Twitter's goal with the new product is to cut down the number of steps to start sharing videos.

The report has led Twitter shares to gain as much as 1.4% today, whereas Snap's stock fell nearly 5.1% amid concern about further competition. Currently, the only way to access the camera on the app is by tapping on the compose button and opening the camera to take a photo or video.

Late a year ago, Dorsey said in a conference call with investors that the San Francisco-based company is 'focused on making our service faster, easier to use, and more relevant to people every day'. This may also be part of the company plan to attract new users to start using Twitter.

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Last November, Twitter doubled its signature 140-character limit to 280 characters, which initially drew the ire of some users. If the working demo turns into a full-fledged feature that boosts engagement, it could be more pleasant news for Dorsey and investors. For Facebook and Instagram, users will only have to swipe right to access the camera, as pointed out by MacRumors.

Snapchat's public Stories - Official Stories, Our Stories, and Search Stories - will now be shareable with special sharing links via email, message, or other social platforms.

Dorsey has eased some of those fears with the product updates and by introducing live sports broadcasts, as well as partnerships with news organizations like Cheddar and Bloomberg.

Snapchat is considering forcing users to watch ads on its platform for at least 3 seconds before allowing them to ...

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