Epic Games will be shutting down Paragon in April

Epic Games will be shutting down Paragon in April

The fact that epic is cancelling this game is incredibly saddening but if fortnite hadn't been such a success due to the popularity of the BR genre paragon would still be with us. "Paragon is an incredible game that many of us as players have poured countless hours into" the petition reads, "I put forward the idea that Epic keep the servers for Paragon open even if they leave the game as is".

Less than two weeks after Epic Games explained to "Paragon" fans that their favorite game may not have much time left, the company followed through with this new announcement, which Epic Games posted on Twitter on Saturday, Jan. 27. Epic Games admits to not being able to find a clear path of development, which Paragon will remain viable.

"It's with heavy hearts we've chose to close down Paragon", the message says.

Taking all of this into consideration, there's no telling at this point in time whether or not Fortnite's Battle Royale will eventually receive Sniper Shootout as a permanent fixture in the game's future. Sadly, "Paragon" is one of them, and developer Epic Games is shutting it down soon.

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Paragon is a MOBA similar to Smite, in that it's played from the perspective of a third-person action game, rather than an isometric, strategy game-style view.

The platform for requesting a refund is outlined here.

For those who have spent real-world cash on the game, either to access its initial paid-for test or as part of the game's microtransaction monetisation system, Epic is offering full and complete refunds across all platforms ahead of the servers being deactivated on April 26th 2018. Did any of you guys play Paragon? It involves creating and linking an Epic account (if you don't already have one linked to the game) and then going to this page. As the player population continues to decrease, matchmaking times and quality will further degrade.

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