Kim Kardashian calls out Lindsay Lohan after criticism of braids

Kim Kardashian calls out Lindsay Lohan after criticism of braids

People had lots to say about Kim Kardashian's decision to wear her hair in "Bo Derek braids", a.k.a.

"I'm really into it", a pouty Kim told her followers.

Another added: "I thought long & hard about @KimKardashian calling her cornrows " Bo Derek braids" Yes I know u were inspired by the look but you're giving a White woman credit for a style she did not create. On January 27, Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to document herself on set, wearing underwear, a plunging t-shirt, and beaded corn rows.

Kim Kardashian has shared a number of racy pictures on Instagram in recent daysAnd Kim being Kim, she seems to have chosen to celebrate her baby's arrival by posing for some of her raunchiest pictures ever. "She looks plastic I can't deal", someone else wrote. Oh my God is she not Oh my God is she not sooooooo on fire right now? I'm just living for it all.

Roman went on to list the reasons Kardashian didn't need to post her nudes, starting with the fact that "you don't need the money" and adding, "You fine, so we don't need to see the goodie snacks".

"Hi, can I get zero f**ks please, thanks", the 37-year-old reality star captioned a photo from the shoot of herself on a landline while simultaneously looking at her cell phone. "It feels like 2007 again!" the celebrity blogger wrote.

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Kim has also received support from her younger sister Khloe.

In 2016, Lohan used an indefinable accent, as well as a smattering of French, in a news clip shot at the opening of an Athens nightclub in which she is a partner.

"You know what's confusing...your sudden foreign accent", KKW fired back.

While the sultry (and mostly topless) images are by no means surprising, the mother-of-three was accused of cultural appropriation for her blonde cornrows.

For a start, "Superman" got involved to make sure Kim was "PG-13" and others quickly hopped on the trend to help cover up Kim.

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