We Must be Proud of Our Heritage, Rahul Gandhi Tells Youths

We Must be Proud of Our Heritage, Rahul Gandhi Tells Youths

Taking a dig at PM Narendra Modi over employment generation promises made by the BJP, Gandhi said the BJP had promised 2 crore new jobs every year but "It's a sad joke, we are attacking them on policies such as these but we get no response".

A highlight of Congress president Rahul Gandhi's election campaign in Meghalaya was a concert in Shillong, which featured numerous popular musical and cultural troupes of the northeastern state. The BJP, however, had its own variation of what it meant by 'soot-boot jibe it took at the Congress chief. Instead of singing away our woes, you could have given a report card of your inefficient government in Meghalaya. "Your indifference mocks us!" wrote Meghalaya BJP below the picture which was paired with the jacket's original price and photo. After attending a meeting with party leaders, he attended a party-organised concert in Shillong in the evening to reach out to young voters.

Speaking at the event, the Congress president urged the youths to love and respect each other to make the country strong. "There is a particular distance he maintains with poor people which he does not with Mr Obama or others", he said.

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It was with the BJP in mind that Rahul said to the people after the concert: "We will defend your culture, your way of thinking". Congress MP Renuka Chaudhary came to her boss's defence and alleged that BJP was leading a "suit-boot ki sarkar" at the Centre, and had no moral authority to question Rahul. "Their frustration is directly proportionate to the rising popularity of Rahul Gandhi".

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh leader and BJP general secretary Ram Madhav also hit out at Gandhi, saying the Congress left the northeast states poor while their leaders roamed around in costly jackets.

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