YouTube's live TV service expands to Apple TV, Roku devices

YouTube's live TV service expands to Apple TV, Roku devices

Google extends its emerging market video app YouTube Go to 115 additional countries. YouTube Go assists those consumers by allowing them to download videos during times of the day when more bandwidth is available.

The 9.4 MB YouTube Go app is a lighter version of YouTube which works on all Android devices with a base version of Jellybean 4.1.

This is something we were already expecting to happen, but nonetheless, it's exciting that Roku users have yet another live TV service to choose from. As part of the expansion, YouTube Go has been added with a handful of new features.

The YouTube Go Android app is rolling out to more than 130 countries, starting today, after first launching in India a year ago.

Internal investigations by Facebook and Twitter also showed that RT targeted U.S. users with numerous ads during the election cycle. From there, downloaded videos can be shared amongst peers via a direct-to-device connection. These include the ability to download, stream and share videos in High Quality.

YouTube Go is available in the Google Play Store here.

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Users can now share multiple videos at once with friends nearby.

Before today, YouTube TV app users could still stream content on their TV screens.

Aside from getting connected to YouTube regardless of your connectivity status, YouTube Go lets you have more control over your data usage if you are trying to save up on your monthly plan. It's worth noting, though, that the app is not available in countries that have more developed networks, such as Canada, Australia, the United States, and Japan.

The app was first unveiled in a banner ad on the Apple TV with a coming soon logo.

The app provides access to YouTube TV's unlimited cloud DVR, a full grid-style program guide, and personalized recommendations.

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