Donald Trump wants military parade to show might

Donald Trump wants military parade to show might

Trump, known for his unpredictable nature and making "over-the-top" diplomatic and political decisions, surprised the world when a Washington Post report on Tuesday said that the US President gave "marching orders" as a grand gesture to the US military. But most Americans will eat it up. Trump was also at the gathering, and he was still thinking about that parade.

The president made the request of top military chiefs in late January, after reportedly being impressed by a French Bastille Day parade a year ago.

His show of force was met with critics from both parties yesterday.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said a parade would be a "fantastic waste of money".

In an interview with Washington's Channel 9 WUSA news, Bowser said she thinks "most people are concerned with the obstacle" an M1 Abrams tank rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue would create, and "what it would suggest about our country and the direction our country is moving in".

Trump reminisced about watching France's Bastille Day military parade when he visited Paris in July.

President Donald Trump has instructed the USA military to prepare and produce a grand military parade in Washington DC, the first of its kind in decades.

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"We've been putting together some options". "The president's respect, his fondness for the military I think is reflected in him asking for these options". He wants USA troops marching down the streets in national capital, Washington with military weaponry and equipment rolled out to showcase the military prowess of the nation as an honourary to the countrymen who have served United States services and lost their lives fighting for the country. "If you remove the politics, what's the harm?" His Putin comment refers to Moscow's 2016 election meddling, which the intelligence community believes was carried out with the intention of helping to elect Trump.

John Hoellwarth, communications director for American Veterans, a service organization, told The Washington Post that a parade "lionizing the military" could address the military's existing recruitment problems. Referring to the generals now serving in the Trump administration, he said, "Let Jim Mattis, (Joint Chiefs Chairman) Joe Dunford say whether it will go forward". They are extremely intelligent.

"President Trump is incredibly supportive of America's great servicemembers who risk their lives every day to keep our country safe", said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Even then, the event was something of a throwback, and attracted complaints about the cost and disruption.

While not military parades, presidential inaugurations featured more than their share of military hardware.

"Burning the existing budget on a parade is probably a better idea than flying aircraft over a dome during the Super Bowl and is not a awful idea provided that it doesn't come at the expense of other programs" like those related to providing adequate health care for severely injured troops, he said. Some 8,000 veterans marched along with tanks that trudged down a flag-festooned Constitution Avenue as fighter planes roared over the National Mall, before a crowd of about 800,000.

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