Russian Operative Offering Dirt on Trump Bilks US Spies Out of $100000

Russian Operative Offering Dirt on Trump Bilks US Spies Out of $100000

I hope people are now seeing & understanding what is going on here.

Trump followed up with a tweet quoting the President of Judicial Watch, who had been on Fox News explaining how Trump had been victimized by the Obama administration's illicit spy operation.

The outlet reports that the CIA began meeting with the unidentified spy early previous year after he claimed to have cyberweapons stolen from the National Security Agency. He claimed the information would link the president and his associates to Russian Federation.

The materials were stolen in 2017 by a group which calls itself Shadow Brokers.

United States intelligence paid $100,000 to a shady Russian operative who pocketed the dough and took off without coming through with a promised goldmine of espionage assets - including alleged dirt on President Trump, according to a sensational report on Friday.

Since then, at least four Russians with espionage and underworld connections have appeared in Central and Eastern Europe, offering to sell the compromising data.

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But, according to The Times, after months of negotiating, including delivering a suitcase stuffed with $100,000 to a Berlin hotel room, the American spies would be "bilked" when the Russian failed to deliver.

A CIA spokesman disputed the Times report and one in the Intercept that the US intelligence community had looked into whether it could obtain the NSA data and also had been offered damaging information about Trump.

He actually tried to once, as he handed a short video clip showing a man talking to two women over to a Berlin-based American businessman who was communicating on behalf of the U.S. intelligence agents, but failed to verify it was actually the American President. Fusion GPS, the company tasked with the work, also took money from Russian Federation while the document was being compiled by a British ex-spy who was being given most of his information from sources with Kremlin ties.

"To try to buy something back like that" is folly because "you'd never have confidence that they've secured the code", said a former senior intelligence official, who was not aware of the reported negotiation. But the newspaper insisted that the American spies were more interested in the NSA hacking tools than the dirt on Trump.

Fearing the man might have been working with the Russian government and purposefully providing false information to create discord in the American government, U.S. officials cut ties with the operative.

He was eventually told by the Central Intelligence Agency to leave Europe and not return.

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