Google's bringing AMP to Gmail for more dynamic emails

Google's bringing AMP to Gmail for more dynamic emails

Google also announced a new "story" format for AMP this morning, competing against similar offerings from Snapchat and Facebook's Instagram. In a sense, it's exactly like Google Search, but the underlying pages are mobile-optimized, really fast and use a fraction of the data and bandwidth that normal web pages would.

Google is testing its own version of the stories feature popularized by apps like Instagram and Snapchat. AMP Stories are built on the technical infrastructure of AMP, allowing publishers to use techniques like pre-renderable pages, optimized video loading and caching to optimize delivery. With that part of AMP being quite successful (if not always beloved) now, Google is looking to take AMP beyond these basic stories.

Google is planning to support "AMP for email" in Gmail later this year.

Google's project is geared at companies who rely on email, such as newsletters, to provide real-time information to their subscribers.

At Search Engine Land and our other sites, we have invested in publishing our content in AMP format.

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[Free Download: 10 ways to help your email engagement skyrocket]Google says the AMP for Email feature will allow you to do things like RSVP to events, browse and interact with content, or fill out forms without leaving an email. Google now wants to use it in Gmail.

"For example, imagine you could complete tasks directly in an email".

All the way back in 2015, high-speed internet on the mobile platform was not an option for most users. "Because AMP for Email is an open spec, we look forward to seeing how other email clients will adopt it, too", Sahney wrote, perhaps indicating that rivals such as Outlook, Yahoo!

"Coldewey asks: "does the idea of "'engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences' ring a little different now?" Given the reducing attention span of users and the explosion in content availability, it is imperative for publishers to indulge in eyeball-grabbing offerings. It won't be long until you get to experience amped up emails because Pinterest,, and Doodle are all apparently working on content.

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