YouTube Stars Forced To Hide From Deranged Fan In Deadly Home Invasion!

YouTube Stars Forced To Hide From Deranged Fan In Deadly Home Invasion!

An Albuquerque man drove 10 hours to Austin, where police said he broke into the home of a famous YouTube couple before officers were dispatched and he was fatally shot.

At around 3:40 a.m. on January 26, Turney called 9-1-1 to report that she and her boyfriend, Free, were awakened by the sound of a gunshot followed by breaking glass.

By the time the police arrived - which Free estimates was just four minutes later - Giles had given up searching for the couple, and had returned to his vehicle in an attempt to drive away.

A detective found "various notations identifying Megan Turney and Gavin Free by name" on Giles' phone along with evidence of a planned burglary and murder of the couple and recordings of threatening thoughts.

The YouTubers have thanked Austin Police Department for their speedy response and also heaped praise on their fans for support. Giles searched the home and couldn't find the victims, so he chose to leave.

Turney reiterated Free sentiments in a separate tweet.

"Single, lonely, and disturbed", was how police described the man in question, named as Christopher Giles. YouTube personalities Megan Turney and boyfriend Gavin Free just never expected one would turn up at their house with a gun.

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YouTube stars Gavin Free and Meg Turney were the target of an armed home invasion, that resulted in the death of the intruder.

Meg and Gav made the right call to hide; later review of security video led authorities to believe "it was apparent that Giles' sole intent was to cause harm to someone who resides there". He ran into police officers in the driveway, where he was ultimately shot dead.

As an expert in both social media and psychology, she said this case fits well into "Parasocial interaction". The suspect died on the scene, but according to KXAN, a pending investigation will determine whether he was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot or an officer.

The couple are best known for their content on anime and slow motion videos on their each respective YouTube channels.

Both he and Turney praised the police response. "It's been a rough time for Meg and myself the last few weeks but we are doing OK". I want to give a huge thanks to @Austin_Police for the awesome response time.

Turney was previously a Rooster Teeth cosplayer and host.

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