Russian meddling is clear and present danger to American democracy

Russian meddling is clear and present danger to American democracy

Mr. Trump has fueled concerns about his administration's Russia policy by questioning USA intelligence charges of Kremlin interference in the US elections and for his campaign's outreach to Russian officials.

"Bob Mueller", he told MSNBC's Chuck Todd, referring to the FBI special prosecutor who is leading the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. In addition, the administration can claim "a boost in funding for the European Reassurance Initiative, a security program that began under Obama; the development of new, low-yield nuclear capabilities to deter Russian nuclear attack; upgrades for missile defenses; and an approval of Montenegro's bid to join North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which had been in the works for years".

Trump, Ryan and McConnell have failed to act to protect our national security, the integrity of our democracy and the interests of the American people.

Mueller was appointed past year by Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Perhaps one might look at the recent Virginia House of Delegates election that produced a tie vote-in accordance with a state law, the victor was determined by drawing a name (which favored the Republican). Taking proactive steps to address vulnerabilities that Putin is exploiting is the best way for these platforms to regain the trust of the American people and avoid government overregulation.

The indictment report detailed the makeup of one of the troll farms, which was comprised of at least 80 people with experience in data analysis, graphics, search-engine development, and the manufacture of fictional political stories.

While many sarcastically questioned who was the new character at the receiving end of Trump's fiery criticism, others poked fun at the president for misspelling the name of one of his top officials.

We will never know for sure if their attempts did in fact change the outcome of the 2016 United States presidential election, but after reading the transcript of the indictment, one can not come away with any other conclusion than that the Russians definitely attempted to influence its outcome.

The cases implicating Prime Minister Netanyahu
Mandleblit informed Sara Netanyahu in September that she would be indicted for fraud pending a hearing that has not yet taken place.

But the strongest response to the Justice Department's indictment came from our own intelligence community, which raked Trump over the coals for refusing to condemn the Kremlin for its duplicitous cyber war on our elections.

"Claims of a "hoax" in tatters", Brennan tweeted. Goldman added: "Still, there are keys facts about the Russian actions that are still not well understood". Consider the tale of two rallies in Houston, Texas, on May 21, 2016, where Americans inspired by posts on Facebook showed up to protest outside an Islamic center.

The Russians didn't do anything to us that we weren't doing to ourselves, although we were doing it on a much larger, more potent scale. "It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, OK?" Obama personally warned Russian President Vladimir Putin not to tamper in the polls. The Trump administration's strategy of defending the Kremlin rather than American democracy has sent a clear signal to Moscow: Putin has every reason to get more aggressive.

"I believe we're watching the emotional breakdown of the President slowly happening in real time", one user tweeted. They worked to spread lies about voter fraud around the same time that Trump began spreading those lies himself.

"He's (Putin) not going into the Ukraine, all right?"

The former KGB operative is up to his eyeballs in fomenting trouble around the world, and Trump's failure to call him out is both revealing and disturbing.

At the end of past year, thousands of Russian armored vehicles and troops were still in Eastern Ukraine.

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