CDC officials say flu season has finally peaked

CDC officials say flu season has finally peaked

The flu-related deaths of five more Arkansans, including two children under 19, were reported to the state Department of Health in the past week, raising the total death toll from this year's flu season to 184.

According to the Erie County Health Department, last year broke a record and this year has already surpassed that one.

"We strongly encourage everyone to continue practicing the important preventive measures we have been promoting including staying home when you're sick, calling your doctor at the first signs of flu-like illness, washing your hands frequently, and covering coughs and sneezes", Rattay said.

Nationally, public health officials last week said the worst of the flu season is over, although the level of transmission remains high.

But it isn't just Arizona: Reports of flu remained widespread in 45 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.

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The latest Georgia data continue to show the flu epidemic trending downward in the state.

Is the worst of the flu season yet to come?

By mid-February the Department of Health started to see a decline in the number of flu cases in Wyoming, but it's too soon to know for certain whether the flu has peaked statewide, Deti said. Since October, 23,324 people have been hospitalized for influenza-associated complications.

Arizonans can breathe a sigh of relief: While the flu season itself is not yet over, health officials believe it will not get any worse. "Having said that, the incidents of flu right now even having gone down is still higher than it was at its peak past year".

The shot also helps train the immune system to fend off the flu in future seasons, he said.

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