We will try to block Russian interference in 2018 elections

We will try to block Russian interference in 2018 elections

It was Trump's most forceful attempt to date at dissuading Russian Federation from continuing its election interference efforts, though he again suggested that other countries may have been involved and continued to insist the final results were not affected by Moscow.

While Trump conceded that there was "certainly" meddling, he offered the caveat that "other countries, maybe other individuals", and not just Russian Federation, may have been involved.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has praised U.S. President Donald Trump but expressed disappointment with the U.S. political system, saying it is "eating itself up".

US President Donald Trump acknowledged Tuesday that Russian Federation and "other countries" meddled in the 2016 presidential election that brought him to power, but vowed to make sure it would not happen again.

"No, because we'll counteract whatever they do", Trump said, going on to encourage states to include an analog backup to avoid attempts to hack electronic systems. Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committee member Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., asked Coats on Tuesday.

Trump's comments came hours after Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats warned lawmakers of the continuing cyber threat that Russian Federation poses to the USA electoral system.

Two weeks later, Adm. Michael Rogers, who leads US Cyber Command, said during a February 27 congressional hearing that Trump had yet to ask him to take measures against Russia's hackers. Tell us what he said.

Despite possible tension regarding the proposed tariffs Trump hailed Sweden as one of the United States' "oldest and closest partners" and thanked the country for assisting in the release of Otto Warmbier, who was detained in North Korea.

For his part, Löfven diplomatically expressed a desire for cooperation on trade but said he understood Trump's desire to look out for American interests.

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"E$3 ven when Congress acts, it seems like this administration sometimes ignores Congress's direction", Warner said.

Speaking with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in the Oval Office, Trump says the relationship is "strong" and the countries are working closely on countering terrorism and other issues.

"With North Korea, I believe that they trust us", Lofven said.

Trump was initially scheduled to meet later this week with major US companies opposed to the proposed tariffs.

"If the President decides, and the key actors decide they want us to help out, we'll be there", he said. "Not highly complex computers".

The nation's defense intelligence chief says he's wary of North Korea's claim that it's ready to negotiate on its nuclear program and will halt tests.

"I like conflict. I like having two people with different points of view and i certainly have that and I make a decision, But I like watching it".

But he sent a stern warning, saying the European countries have "taken advantage" of the United States for too long.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told lawmakers Trump was trying to balance protections for beleaguered steel and aluminum producers while "making sure that we don't do undue harm to the economy".

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