GameCube Classic Luigi's Mansion Rises From The Grave On 3DS This Year

GameCube Classic Luigi's Mansion Rises From The Grave On 3DS This Year

The announcement of this GameCube classic shows Nintendo is not afraid to show their support for the 3DS market, even with the Switch's near universal success. It's not quite what people had in mind when requesting GameCube games on modern Nintendo hardware, but it's impressive the way that the game is being shrunk down for the 3DS. We highly recommend that you keep an eye on this 3DS remake if you've never played the original Luigi's Mansion or just want to take another trip through its haunted halls. With 300 fast-paced microgames that can be controlled by pressing buttons, tilting the system, tapping the touch screen or using the microphone, WarioWare Gold is the biggest entry in the series.

It was one of the few surprise 3DS games that Nintendo revealed during today's Direct presentation.

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Back in September long-time Nintendo developer Alpha Dream remade its very first Mario & Luigi game, Superstar Saga, for the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo hasn't released too many details about this remake, but it seems like it will include all the content from the GameCube title alongside new content like a Boss Rush mode. As before the game follows the adventures of the titular duo as they explore Bowser's innards in 2D, while Bowser explores the overworld.

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