Snow warning amid threat from 'Beast from the East Two'

Snow warning amid threat from 'Beast from the East Two'

Forecasters are predicting a very cold weekend with brisk winds and the risk of snow showers.

Have a look at this video from the Met Office to find out what's in store.

Met Eireann has issued wind and rain warnings for Tipperary, Cork, Waterford and Leinster with warnings that southeast winds will reach mean speeds of 50 to 65km/h with gusts between 90 and 100km/h.

A spokesman for the weather experts said: "A band of rain and hill snow will increasingly turn to snow to lower levels through Friday evening and overnight into Saturday".

Another warning covers the east of the country from 5pm on Friday until 9am on Saturday all the way from below Edinburgh to Ipswich in the south.

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Cold winds could bring snow to Scotland and northeast England by the end of the week and to southern England by the start of next week, the Met Office said.

Lincolnshire is set to be hit by snow storms as the cold weather returns.

But temperatures will definitely feel colder than they are now, with the mercury dropping to 5C on Sunday and possibly even zero in some rural areas.

Temperatures will gradually get colder as we head towards the weekend, with the weather not expected to get above 2°C on Saturday. Snow is also in the forecast for St Patrick's weekend.

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