Trump bans transgenders from U.S. military service 'except under limited circumstances'

Trump bans transgenders from U.S. military service 'except under limited circumstances'

The White House has announced orders to formally ban transgender people from serving in the military, following up on Donald Trump's controversial policy pledge that sparked widespread backlash past year from civil rights groups and United States defense chiefs.

"It is reverse-engineered for the sole goal of carrying out President Trump's reckless and unconstitutional ban, undermining the ability of transgender service members to serve openly and military readiness as a whole".

Both parties need to do more on drug prices Senate approves.3 trillion spending bill, sending to Trump White House: Trump will delay steel tariffs for European Union, six countries MORE is moving ahead with his plan to ban most transgender people from serving in the military, with limited exceptions, following up on a proposal he called for last summer.

"The Trump-Pence administration's continued insistence on targeting our military families for discrimination is appalling, reckless, and unpatriotic", added American Military Partner Association president Ashley Broadway-Mack.

Under the court rulings the Pentagon was required to begin accepting transgender recruits on January 1 - and has reportedly accepted at least one transgender recruit so far this year.

White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders said that the policy had been "developed through extensive study by senior uniformed and civilian leaders, including combat veterans" under Defense Secretary James Mattis's directions.

However, a number of federal judges have already issued rulings blocking Trump's ban, saying it would probably violate the right, under the US Constitution, to equal protection under the law.

The ban comes as "five-time draft dodger", Trump termed transgender people a liability effecting the "lethality" of the military.

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Mattis gave his private recommendation for the policy to Trump in late February, but it hasn't been revealed.

Citing threats to troop readiness and morale, as well as costs associated with medical services, Trump said in a series of tweets in July that he would reverse President Barack Obama's policy allowing transgender people to join the armed forces. "We will never stop fighting this discriminatory policy until every current and future transgender service member is treated equally and respected fully for their bravery".

The President issued an order Friday to ban transgender troops. except for under limited circumstances.

That decision had drawn fierce opposition from many military groups and conservatives on Capitol Hill, who'd accused President Obama of subverting military readiness to social policy.

"This policy is not based on an evaluation of new evidence".

"In 2016, after careful and deliberate study, the Pentagon determined that the prohibition on open service by transgender people lacked any foundation and lifted the ban".

The medical diagnosis of "gender dysphoria", however, does not necessarily apply to transgender individuals.

This decision is an insult to our courageous transgender service members and all who wear U.S. uniform, said the Democratic Party. It is unclear what the results will be of Trump's new memo.

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