Nvidia launches self-driving simulation system, Kubernetes support

Nvidia launches self-driving simulation system, Kubernetes support

"The accident was tragic".

Nvidia suggested that the accident was a reminder of the challenges facing the development of self-driving technology, and has reaffirmed the company's approach of "extreme caution" and "the best safety technologies".

"This tragedy is exactly why we've committed ourselves to perfecting this life-saving technology".

"Ultimately AVs will be far safer than human drivers, so this important work needs to continue. DRIVE Constellation for virtually testing and validating will bring us a step closer to the production of self-driving cars". It will continue to use vehicles with drivers that gather data. News of Nvidia's self-driving vehicle testing suspension was first reported by Reuters.

At the chipmaker's annual developer conference here Tuesday, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said the company has developed a virtual simulation platform for manufacturers to test self-driving technology. The on-demand auto pooling company is just one of many tech giants that uses Nvidia's computing platform to power its fleet of self-driving cars.

They also announced the NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus AI auto computer to run the autonomous software stack and process the data from driving.

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The system runs on two servers.

To no surprise, the simulation is powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

The second server is Nvidia's Drive Pegasus AI auto computer that runs a full autonomous-vehicle software stack, processing the simulated data the same way it would process data from a real self-driving auto. For example, Intel Labs, together with the Toyota Research Institute and the Computer Vision Center in Barcelona, designed an open source driving simulator for training self-driving cars called CARLA (Car Learning to Act).

"With virtual simulation, we can increase the robustness of our algorithms by testing on billions of miles of custom scenarios and rare corner cases, all in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do so on physical roads", said Rob Csongor, vice president of automotive at Nvidia, in a statement. As a program member, Think Big Analytics will help clients looking to scale their AI initiatives by working with NVIDIA to optimize deep learning for enterprise use and coordinating go-to-market strategies. The vehicle was in autonomous mode when it struck the victim, and it is the first known pedestrian death involving a self-driving auto.

Questions over the safety of self-driving cars are swirling in the wake of a fatality involving an Uber self-driving vehicle in Arizona. Earlier today, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey suspended Uber's ability to test and operate self-driving cars on public roads in the state.

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