Adea Shabani, Missing Actress, May Be Body in Shallow Grave

Adea Shabani, Missing Actress, May Be Body in Shallow Grave

A body believed to be that of a model and aspiring actress who disappeared from Hollywood last month was pulled from a shallow grave in Northern California Tuesday, and police said they believe a man who committed suicide following a recent police chase was involved in her death.

Friends of the 25-year-old model told police they received an anonymous phone call from a person who claimed to have seen her in Spotz's truck "drugged and in danger" before her disappearance, according to NBC-4 Los Angeles.

After she was reported missing, police questioned Spotz, who said they were on a road trip to north California when an argument erupted, and that he let her out of the auto on the side of a freeway never to see her again.

Authorities have not indicated that Spotz is involved in Shabani's disappearance. She had been living in Los Angeles when she was last seen.

On Tuesday, the Nevada County Sheriff's Office and their coroner's division, revealed that they had found the remains of a woman in a shallow grave in the Spenceville Wildlife Area in Penn Valley, California.

"We can not say that conclusively at this point in time because the condition of the remains prohibited positive identification", he said. After she was reported missing, authorities said Spotz released a statement saying he traveled with Shabani to Northern California.

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Investigators had been trying to contact Spotz since Shabani's friends reported her missing on February 25.

Shabani, an acting student who moved to L.A. from Macedonia, was last seen near her Hollywood apartment on February 23, according to police.

Authorities say Shabani's death has been determined to be homicide but the cause of death has not been determined, despite visible blunt force trauma to the head. Their argument ended with Spotz dropping her off when they were driving through Santa Clarita.

"We don't believe that was true", Hayes said. Investigators weren't able to verify Spotz's account, he said, prompting Robbery-Homicide detectives to take over the case.

The striking blue-eyed blonde's Facebook profile says she studied business administration at American University of Paris after leaving her home country. On March 1, Spotz and his fiancee - not Shabani - headed for his parents' home in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Last Thursday night, Spotz was spotted in the Tacoma in San Bernardino County and he fled when police tried to stop him.

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