Entry-level HERO camera confirmed by GoPro

Entry-level HERO camera confirmed by GoPro

HERO becomes the entry-level GoPro camera for its already existing HERO5 (Rs 28,000) and HERO6 (Rs 37,000) cameras line-up.

After doing a double take, he asked the staff if this was the new entry-level GoPro Hero camera with a £199 price tag.

Video stabilization provides smoother capture of bumpy experiences.

In terms of design, the Hero is closer to the premium Black and Silver models rather than GoPro's previous budget-oriented Session cameras.

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"HERO is a great first GoPro for people looking to share experiences beyond what a phone can capture", says Meghan Laffey, GoPro's SVP of Product, "HERO makes it easy to share "wow" moments at a price that's flawless for first-time users". While it lacks 4K video capabilities, the Hero can shoots HD video at 1440p and 1080p at up to 60fps and captures 10MP stills.

The GoPro Hero comes in at £199.99 making it around £100 cheaper than the Hero5 and roughly £200 than the Hero6.

The HERO is outfitted with a 2-inch touch display and can be controlled through voice commands, which can be used to have it snap a photo, stop recording, or turn off. But the new Hero has been simplified and abridged to make it easier to use and to bring the price way down. The main difference is that it's not quite as good of a camera. GoPro HERO adds to our world class selection and will help strengthen Flipkart's dominant leadership in cameras.

Most importantly, the new GoPro Hero should work flawlessly with all of the myriad GoPro accessories and mounting systems already out there. The firm's revenue was down 38.1% compared to the same quarter last year. equities analysts predict that GoPro will post -0.62 EPS for the current year.

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